In this episode Cindy and Jason welcome speaker, author and founder of Ugg Boots, Brian Smith. They discuss the importance of branding and marketing, why speaking is like being in a band, continuous improvements, and more. Brian also tells both heartwarming and funny stories about his early days as a speaker.

Continuing with the footwear theme, Cindy and Jason give tips and advice on how to choose the shoes you will wear onstage.

Brian Smith is the founder of the world famous UGG Australia Brand. Graduating in 1978 as a Chartered Accountant in Australia, Brian came to California looking for the next big opportunity to bring back to Australia. While studying at the UCLA Graduate School of Management he observed that there was no sheepskin footwear in the US. Brian is one of the most sought after International business leaders in the country today. He is committed to teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage their most precious assets from within, and to recognize and pursue their passions to create a fulfilling and successful life.

You can buy Brian’s book Birth of a Brand from Amazon:

Note: This episode marks the end of our podcast season. Cindy and Jason will return in a few months.