Cindy and Jason talk to teleprompter-technician-to-the-stars, Bev Feldman from Hollywood.

Bev Feldman has worked on 2500 Hollywood sets since 1982, when she took a job with 2 guys who had just invented computerized teleprompting.  Bev is Hollywood’s first female prompter technician, she’s still working, and has had her own company,, for over 20 years.

joan_and_bev - CopyShe prompts A-list actors, comedians, rock stars, sports legends, singers, politicians, presidents, celebrity chefs, celebrity felons, people famous for being famous, talk show hosts and CEO’s  She’s even prompted the Cookie Monster!

Bev tells us some hilarious, and fascinating stories from the field including

  • a Rose Parade celebrity who needed to relieve himself on set;
  • the charisma of Bill Clinton and Ronald Regan (+ the trick she played on the former president!)
  • mistakenly working on a porn shoot,
  • and an eerie job with O.J. Simpson;
  • a great experience with Ed Sheeran.

She also talks about the keys to be authentic and magnetic on camera.

Cindy finishes off the show by answering a listener question about how women can increase their influence by improving their speaking voice.

Connect with Bev for advanced notice of her book at or for on camera / teleprompter coaching at

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