In this episode Cindy and Jason talk to story expert and former actor Michael Kass. They discuss the dynamics of speaking and how to modulate your energy depending on the size of the audience and the room. They also talk about the power of stories and how to use them to connect with people on a human level. Plus thoughts on the future of speaking!

Finally, Jason and Cindy tackle a listener question about what makes a great speaker video and what new speakers can do to create one that’s professional and powerful even if they’re not speaking regularly to large audiences.

Michael Kass is a Los Angeles based speaker, facilitator, and award-winning storyteller dedicated to helping people, organizations and communities discover and harness the power of their stories to create change.

Michael’s trainings on storytelling, speaking, mindfulness and breath work have been featured at events the United States and internationally. Michael is a graduate of Rice University and Northwestern University. He is also an ACC coach certified by the International Coach Federation.

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