In this inspirationally-themed holiday episode we hear six amazing stories from the professional speaking world with messages of learning, hope, tolerance, and love.

  1. Cindy Ashton shares a beautiful Christmas travel story about meeting a crabby old woman with a sad secret.
  2. Sarah McVanel talks about the generosity of two fellow speakers and what it meant to her family.
  3. Halina St. James shares a story about a challenging speaking engagement and the wonderful surprise she received from what seemed to be a disengaged audience.
  4. Carl Richards describes his relationship with a man who played Santa Claus and eventually became Santa – sharing his personal generosity despite failing health.
  5. Dana Pharant tells a funny story about using salty language at a business networking event.
  6. And finally Jason Reid shares a powerful and inspirational true-life Christmas story about speaking that involves a young man, an ICU nurse and an incredible coincidence that sees them reunited 30 years later.

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