Cindy and Jason welcome a guest who can really kick ass! – literally.

Jacqueline Walters is not only a great professional speaker, but also a champion kickboxer.

In our interview, she talks about the connection between top level athletics and professional speaking (think practice and discipline), as well as using the English language and the importance of knowing how you look and move on stage.

She also shares a great true story about unknowingly using an obscene gesture refereeing a kickboxing event and talks about the importance of understanding different cultures.

Then Cindy and Jason give tips about how to properly work a large room when you do a major speaking event.

Finally Cindy finishes off by talking about her newly launched television show, Cindy Uncorked. Find out more at

A little more about Jacqueline…
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 Jacqueline Walters has been a professional talker, pretty much ever since she could, …well, talk. Even as a precocious toddler in London, England, Jacqueline would strike up conversations with random strangers. Much to the chagrin of her mother, she was often known to provide a loud commentary on the odd and unusual people they came across in public.

Many years later, and having learned a considerable amount of tact and decorum, Jacqueline often speaks to groups, usually regarding the benefits of health and fitness, but also on occasion, helping guide young minds as they find their way into adulthood.

Jacqueline’s passion stems from a lifetime of competing athletically, having been a member of Canadian national teams in two distinctly divergent sports – dragon boat racing and kickboxing. In 2012 she retired as a four-time Canadian national champion K1 Kickboxer. Working full-time as a fitness professional, Jacqueline continues the battle to get people moving and living a healthy lifestyle.

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