TED talks have become a phenomenon in the past few years. What are they really? And how are they different?

In this episode, we talk to Hayley Foster, the Short Talk Expert.™ She gives us insight on everything you need to know if you are looking to do a TED talk. It is so much more than just being inspirational on stage. Hayley debunks some myths and gives us revealing insights.

Hayley Foster is an original TEDx organizer and has been a designated speaker coach for six TEDx NASA events as well as more than a dozen others, She also has three talks on TED’s website – TED.com

She is an expert on doing short talks and has coached hundreds of presenters from astronauts to artists and authors.   She’s also an author herself.  Her book is called Don’t Tank your TED Talk! 12 mistakes That Professional Speakers Make.

You can reach Hayley and order her book at http://www.shorttalkexpert.com/ or connect with her through Twitter: @hayleyfoster

Also in the episode is some special news from Cindy about her upcoming TV show called Cindy Uncorked which launches in October 4th, 2016 on the Women’s Broadcast Television Network. Go to: http://cindyuncorked.com to find out more.

We finish the show with a great listener question for Cindy on how to avoid having your audience sap your energy when you’re not on stage.

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