Jason and Cindy talk to former teen-aged TV star, and content marketing guru Christine McGlade. Christine discusses the skills she learned in television and how they relate to speaking to a live audience.

Christine talks about the importance of knowing your audience, the value of improv, and shares some amusing stories about what it was like to do a live television program.

Christine McGlade was only 14 when she began an 8 year run as a host of the Internationally acclaimed kids show “You Can’t Do That On Television.” Appearing in more than 91 episodes.

The show was originally shown in Canada, but became a bigger hit on the U.S. Channel Nickelodeon and has been seen around the world.

She is currently the founder and Creative Director at Analytical Engine Interactive producing games, content marketing products and videos for clients in the Education and media industries. You can find her at http://www.analyticalengine.ca/

Finishing off, Cindy and Jason also answer a difficult listener question about speaker coaches and how to find the right one.

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3 thoughts on “Ep 10: Teen Star Christine McGlade

  1. I enjoyed hearing Christine’s story, I always enjoyed seeing her on You can’t Do That On Television”. It was one of my favorite shows when I was young.

    it was nice to hear her talk about how she learned to improvisationaly speak, before appearing on the show, and how it helped her later in life, and as part of her current work, helping people grow their businesses.

    I your the podcast will also interview other famous people. Eliza Jane Schneider, seems like she would be a good guest on this podcast, Accent coach, voice over artist, and appeared on shows like South Park, Beakman’s World, and even hosted her own onewomen show called “Freedom of Speech”. Julie Christensen, of the bands Stone Cupid, and the Divine Horsemen, would also make an interesting guest, she teaches classes on speaking also. Maybe even Paul Zaloom, and how he tries to incorporate audience participation, and humor into his performances. Just some thoughts, Thanks for letting us come along with your visit from Christine.

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