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This is the show for speakers, performers and business professionals who speak. We’ll discuss the craft of performing, story-telling, and how to connect to your audience so that you can increase your influence and your profits. We’ll also go behind the mike with entertaining stories from the stage, and the road.

Here are some of the criteria we look at when evaluating potential guests:

  1. People who are at the highest levels of their craft. Also people who can add real value to our audience.
  1. People who are entertaining, funny and can tell a good story or two within the context of an interview.
  1. The stories that we will ask you about on air are not the ones you would deliver to a corporate audience, but should reveal something about the life, art and psychology of being a professional speaker or performer. We ask our speakers to be open and present themselves as the human beings they are. None of us are perfect.
  1. People who have a specific niche or unique insight into the craft of speaking through other creative content or performance methodologies.
  1. People who can promote the podcast to their own fans and followers. The whole purpose of the podcast is about sharing so being able to share with the widest audience possible is important.

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